Clothing for All Kids Everywhere (CAKE) is a new business venture that we're starting as part of a Johns Hopkins Carey Business School project.

We would love to have your feedback in this short questionnaire to help inform our kids' clothing design choices.
If this is successful, we would love to keep this going. Your feedback will help!
let's do it
Please select UP TO THREE (3) design concepts that you like the best from the group below, keeping in mind that these are general concepts to use in creating kids' clothing. *

Please do not consider quality of these designs. We are looking only for which concepts are preferable for our business.

If you've tried to purchase clothes for kids in the past, what kids' clothing designs have you wanted to find but haven't been able to?

Optional. Design ideas welcome!
If you are interested in joining the CAKE community and receiving updates on our progress, please provide your email address.

If not, no worries! And thanks again for your feedback!
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